What is a FibroScan®?

A FibroScan® is a completely free, quick and non-invasive test to assess the degree of fibrosis (scarring) in your liver. It is an alternative to a liver biopsy. The technique is very similar to an ultrasound but is much quicker and you can get results within a matter of minutes.

How does it work?

A probe is held against your skin and generates a vibration pulse sending a wave through to your liver. The speed at which the wave travels is measured by the machine and correlates with the "stiffness" of your liver. The greater the stiffness the faster the wave travels. This measurement gives your doctor a numerical score of your liver stiffness, which indicates the severity of liver fibrosis or scarring of your liver. Your FibroScan® score is useful for the clinical management and monitoring of your liver, especially if you have underlying liver disease.


Preparing for the Test

You will be asked to lie on your back with your right arm raised above your head. The doctor will apply a water-based gel to the skin.

The Test

The probe is placed on the skin, at a spot in line with your underarm and between the ribs. You may feel a slight click but there is no pain. The FibroScan® will take 10 readings.

The Results

You will receive instant feedback on the health of your liver. Your doctor will discuss your result with you. Further tests may be needed to confirm the readings and the cause of your liver disease. Overall a FibroScan® test will take 5-10 minutes.

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